Kids love listening to music – from newborns gazing intently at a parent or caregiver who’s singing, to toddlers experimenting with how they can move their bodies in time with different sounds, to older children starting to test out movement and dance as a creative form of self-expression – it’s amazing to watch how they react and respond in their own unique way.

My daughter has a habit of choosing songs that are intensely annoying, especially the tenth time in a row, but despite this, I love watching how she loves to move. She recently produced a twerking-esque action in response to some 90s dance music – pure gold!

So how do we nurture and inspire this love of music and movement? Here are six classes for both boys and girls in the South End that will help instill a passion for movement and dance:

Urbanity Dance Youth Program
1180 Washington St., Unit 100, Boston, 02118 AND 111 West Concord St., Boston, 02118
(617) 572-3727

3 months-3 years: Baby Walkers, Baby Movers, Baby Groove
4-5 years: Kids Groove, Kids Tap & Tumble, Boys Dance
6+ years: classes for different styles of dance (tap, hip hop, modern etc.)

This local studio aims to help kids and adults develop emotional, social, and physical well being through movement and dance. From as young as 3 months, they offer a series of classes that start to explore elements of ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop, and yoga techniques. The majority of classes are unisex, but for kids of 4 and above there are classes designed specifically to appeal to ‘energetic boys.’ Most of all, Urbanity Dance believes everyone should have access to dance education and offers flexible payment plans as well as need based scholarships for all ages, regardless of previous dance experience.

Little Lovage Club Movement Classes
778 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02118
(857) 201-0282

8 weeks-5 months: Baby Movers
6-11 months: Little Movers
12-24 months: Big Movers
12-18 months: Toddler ballet

The Little Lovage Club offers a range of movement classes for caregivers and their children that aim to foster development through song, dance, yoga, play & massage. They even offer introductory ballet classes for toddlers (12-18 months) so that your budding Margot Fonteyn or Rudolf Nureyev can get a fun taste of this classic style of dance.

CouCou Yoga Classes
24 Union Park St., Boston, 02118
(617) 936-4082

8 weeks-9 months (or when they start to crawl): Baby & Me Yoga
2-4 years: Toddler Yoga
3+ years: Yoga for Kids

CouCou’s yoga classes are a chance for infants, toddlers and kids to stretch, move, and play. Sessions are led by certified kids yoga teacher, Shana Jones.  Each class incorporates a range of age-appropriate disciplines your little ones will be able to follow, including creative movement, games, meditation and traditional yoga postures. Parents of toddlers and kids do not have to participate but should plan to remain on site.

Boston Ballet Creative Dance and Pre-Ballet
19 Clarendon St., Boston, 02116
(617) 456-6333

16 months-3 years: Hand-in-Hand classes to strengthen muscle strength, balance and coordination
3-4 years: Creative Dance classes to introduce ballet elements such as positions and jumping and to explore music, body, and spatial awareness
5-7 years: Pre-Ballet classes to prepare kids for more formal ballet training

The youth program offered at the Boston Ballet School provides boys and girls with the chance to develop spatial awareness, coordination and balance, as well as introducing them to the basics of a much-loved style of dancing.

Community Music Center of Boston Early Childhood Program
34 Warren Ave., Boston, 02116
(617) 482-7494

5 months-2 years: Little Notes
3-4 years: Music & Movement

The Community Music Center of Boston exists to transform lives by providing equal access to excellent music education and arts experiences. The early childhood classes for kids under the age of 4 enable children and their caregivers to play, sing and dance using musical instruments and everyday materials. Once children reach the age of 4, they can sign up for classes that introduce them to different musical instruments.

Sadhana Yoga Studio Toddler and Kid Yoga Classes
15 Worcester St., Boston, 02118

Walkers-3.5 years: Toddler Yoga
3.5-6.5 years: Yogi Beans
6.5-9 years: Yogi Sprouts

Sadhana Yoga Studio offers fun and educational classes that expose kids to music, breathing and age-appropriate yoga poses. This helps them develop balance, coordination and improves their concentration. The teachers at Sadhana also incorporate imaginative play into their practices for kids, which is a great way to stimulate their creativity and yearning for adventure.


Whether you want to relax your child with yoga, tire them out with hip hop, or even start them on the path to a career in dance, there is definitely a local movement class that’s right for your family.

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