It’s August… The summer is literally flying by! But it’s not over yet and one way to maximize the delights of summer is to take advantage of the long, warm evenings. No more nights stuck at home, sheltering from the cold and dark, dealing with kids bouncing off each and every wall. No. The summer means that we have a bonus part of the day to get outside and have fun with our little ones. Plus, the added dose of fresh air means that they’ll sleep deeper and longer, right?

So how can you make use of these golden evening hours between work and bedtime? Here are some ideas to make the most of the extra time:

  • Take the Family out for Dinner: it’s too hot to cook so why not go to a family-friendly restaurant in the South End for dinner. Lots of local restaurants have outdoor seating in the summer months, which means there’s more room for families and you don’t have to worry so much about noise and mess. Check out the recent post Moms Who Lunch…With Their Kids for family-friendly restaurant recommendations and some great summer offers, (or the recent post on date night spots to enjoy without the kids)!
  • Go for an Evening Stroll: we live in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Boston and the quiet streets and stunning evening skies make for some great scenery. Smaller kids can go in a stroller and older kids can be enticed outside to ride their scooters or bikes. To avoid traffic, go to the South West Corridor, which also provides access to the Titus Sparrow and the South West Corridor playgrounds where you can stop for a bit of extra child tiring.
  • Cool off in the Fountains at Ringgold Park: this is a great activity for a hot summer evening. Your kids will be entertained by splashing around in the water, while you can catch up with friends or maybe jump in the fountains yourself (you know you’re tempted!). Fountains will be in operation from mid-June through September. The cascading top fountain comes on automatically from 6-7pm. The push-button, interactive portion of the fountain works all day long (9am – 7pm).
  • Go out for Ice Cream: stroll down to FoMu at 655 Tremont Street for a post-dinner snack. All the products they sell are made from ‘premium, natural, plant-based, kosher ingredients’ – it would be sinful not to try them! Eat your treat in the restaurant or take it to nearby James Hayes Park on the corner of Warren Avenue and West Canton Street to enjoy it al fresco.
  • Enjoy Great Music at Titus Sparrow: on Wednesday evenings, lots of South End families convene at Titus Sparrow Park for a free concert. Bring a picnic (or pick up a pizza) and a blanket and enjoy great music with other local families. Concerts happen every Wednesday from May 31-August 30, 6:30-8:30pm.
  • Feed the Ducks: collect the old bread from the cupboard and head over to the Public Gardens to feed the ducks. The plants and flowers in the Public Gardens are in full bloom so it’s a beautiful place to hang out in the evening. As well as feeding the ducks, you can also visit the Make Way for Ducklings statues near the corner of Beacon and Charles Streets – your little ones will love sitting on the statues and it’s a great photo opportunity.
  • Take Dinner Outside: Grab your picnic blanket, plastic plates and silverware and head to your nearest park or playground for a fun family dinner outdoors. You can eat whatever you’d planned to eat at home and your kids will think it’s a great adventure. Or, check out our recent post on packing a picnic basket with items you can pick up in the south end. Why not also take a ball or frisbee to work off your dinner and tire your kids out before bed.

So don’t despair, summer is going by fast but there’s still so much time for fun outdoor evening adventures.

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