Yintuition Wellness is a holistic wellness studio in the south end that offers acupuncture, cupping, Chinese medical massage, herbal therapy, and diet and lifestyle consulting for the whole family.  The owner, south end resident Alexandra Vander Baan’s primary clinical focus is in women’s health, preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum, though she also has extensive training in pain management and stress and mood disorders, which she finds fulfilling to treat as well. Ali’s success comes from her ability to identify the imbalances in a person’s life and body that are causing symptoms and work with them to resolve the root cause of those imbalances.

Ali was inspired to become a holistic women’s health practitioner by her mother, who as a busy professional balancing work and life as a single mom of two often put her need to ‘do it all’ above her own health. Ali set out to create a practice where she can support women like her mother by cultivating sustainable wellness in the midst of their busy lives. Yintuition Wellness is about making women’s health equally as important as everything else they consider priority in their lives. In addition to working with busy women, Ali does treat men and children as well.

For the past 3 years, Yintuition Wellness has been a supportive community for women and their families, an oasis from the busyness of city living, where they can recharge and reclaim vibrant health to thrive in their daily lives as individuals and as vital members of their families and community.

Ali is also passionate about teaching workshops, including Acupressure for Comfort Measures During Labor and Delivery and Pediatric Medical Massage, which are offered locally at Little Lovage Club.Alexandra Vander Baan

Q & A with Alexandra Vander Baan of Yintuition Wellness:

Do you live in the south end?
Yes! I’ve lived in the South End a little over 3 years, just around the corner from Little Lovage Club.

Are you a mom?
I am due in November with my first baby!

What’s your favorite business in the south end?
It’s difficult to pick just one! I love the neighborhood coffee shops for meeting friends, like South End Buttery and Flour; I love what Little Lovage Club offers to the neighborhood, nurturing new relationships and building a supportive parenting community; and from a retail perspective I always seem to be drawn in off the sidewalk anytime I walk by Cou Cou or Tadpole.
Address & Contact:
Yintuition Wellness
551 Boylston St, Suite 4, Boston, MA
(401) 465-1305


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