We’ve been really excited to try out Sadhana Yoga on Worcester St, after hearing great things about their sister studio in Coolidge Corner. We were especially excited after chatting with Tatyana, the owner, and hearing her talk about the central role that community plays in her studio. Her hope for Sadhana is to create a warm and sacred space where yoga students can connect and find stillness in the middle of the city.

Immediately upon walking in, Sadhana feels like home. There’s no separate locker room or reception area, the space is open and cosy, encouraging everybody to engage. And they do! Everybody seems to know everybody and instead of feeling intimidated, you just want to join in and feel that too.

The space is anchored by a beautiful exposed brick wall with candles and flowers and a mural of Shiva illuminated in soft twinkly lights. Mats, bolsters, blanket cushions, tea and water are all provided and make even the most novice Yogi feel welcome.

We tried out the Pre-Natal class on a wet and windy Tuesday night. There were only three people in the class (we get it, it’s hard to motivate when the weather is bad and you’re toting a belly) but Elyssa the instructor radiated so much positive energy it felt like the best semi-private yoga class you’ve ever had. We all talked about our various aches and pains and Elyssa styled the class to accommodate them.  Time flew by in a comfortable, relaxing cloud and within minutes I was mentally figuring out when I could come back next.


The most popular class at Sadhana is Vinyasa, so book ahead if that’s your favorite class too, you can sign up online. We were also really excited to discover the studio just introduced kids yoga classes that accommodate tots from 6 weeks to 6.5 years. The best part? Sadhana totally gets it if you’re late, skip a session, or have to bolt mid-way through. Baby asleep in the car seat? No problem, just put them next to your mat. This really is the studio that will take you from the first trimester through to kindergarten.

Baby and Me

This class for new parents and their little ones (ages 6 weeks to non-walkers) gently rebuilds core strength and relieves, stretches, and strengthens tired arms, backs, and shoulders. All of this in a relaxed, inclusive, and supportive environment.

Toddler Yoga

The littlest yogis will learn and grow through simple, animated yoga poses, music, breath work, and balancing games that build strength, coordination, and body awareness.

Yogi Beans

This non-traditional yoga class will take your little one on invigorating, imaginative adventures to places like the African savannas, Arabian deserts, and the deep blue sea. Classes begin with breathing exercises to relax and focus attention inward. Incorporating asana (yoga poses) and pranayama (breath work) into highly imaginative play, allowing kids to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve concentration

Sadhana is currently offering an amazing $30 for 30 days deal!!

Sadhana Yoga

15 Worcester Street  |  Boston, MA 02118  |  617.536.YOGA  |  info@sadhanaboston.com



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  • Victoria, It was so great to meet you and have you in class last week! As a South End mom myself, I am so excited to have expanded our prenatal (and now postnatal and kids too!) yoga offerings from Coolidge Corner to my own neighborhood! I’m looking forward to growing our community as more South End moms and families join us for any and all classes at the studio! Hope to see you in class and around the neighborhood soon!
    Elyssa 🙂

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