With the short days and freezing temperatures, it’s easy to feel the February blues. But, having a tidy home can actually cheer us up and make us feel happier and more comfortable.

Seeing clutter in your home has a negative effect on your brain and emotional well being. It makes us feel tired just looking at it. Being surrounded by too much stuff can even make us feel guilty and stressed out. Decluttering will not only clear your living space, it will also help clear your mind, help you to feel more at ease, and help fight off that winter fatigue.

Where to start?

Tackle the worst messes first

The temptation is to avoid exactly these, but chances are the worst messes are those areas you use all the time and once they’re organized you’ll feel the benefit every day! A good example is your nightstand. If possible, choose one with a drawer and put in a flatware separator. No more rummaging in the dark for lip balm or knocking your glasses onto the floor as you reach for your phone book.

Accept some things don’t have a home

Whether it’s summer or winter, there are always a million things that live in the vague vicinity of the door and annoy you every time you see them, or worse, don’t see them. Gloves, hats and snacks for the kiddos in winter and sunscreen, goggles and bug spray in the summer. Choose a fun galvanized tub that works with any decor and is easy to clean.

Enlist help

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the kids can’t put things away properly and it’s easier to just do it yourself. Separate toys into opaque bins and put photos of the toys on the front of the bins. Turn clean up into a game of mix and match and when the kids come to play again, they won’t be asking you to find that one piece of lego…

Create a “maybe” box

Half the difficulty of decluttering is not being able to make a decision. Keep? Donate? Trash? Put all of these items in a box in your closet and go through it every six months. If you didn’t need them, they can go. If you did, no harm done.

Small steps, mama!

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