All parents and caregivers: listen up!  City-living and city-loving families just hit the jackpot—big time!  Do you know of Green Piñata?  Well now we do, and it’s almost too good to be true.  A monthly delivery sent straight to your door of completely non-toxic, beautiful, developmentally appropriate toys specific to your little one’s age.  No shopping, no storing, no researching, because with Green Piñata Toy Share you simply keep the toys as long as you want or need, pop the pre-printed delivery slip back on the box it arrived in, and send it back on its way to receive your next set of goodies.


Recently, we welcomed Green Piñata into our space at Little Lovage Club for a few hours of open play!  Lounging around with other South End parents while letting the little ones crawl and cruise to new and exciting toys made for one relaxing and fun chilly Sunday morning in our neck of the woods.


We were able to hear more about their subscription service, while learning about some unusually impressive aspects of the company, such as direct customization of toy packages for children with special needs.  Not to mention that Green Piñata donates all of their moderately used toys to the community, so kids can keep on playing!  Saving money, saving time, keeping the earth “green,” and supporting the larger community while keeping your littles happy and learning—those are some important and impressive stats from one company alone.


Children explored some classic toys such as alphabet blocks and stacking cubes, and were intrigued by the exceptionally adorable wooden pirate ships and race car ramps (we can’t get enough of those!).  And while of course the toys were the star of the show, we couldn’t help but notice the seeds of learning to take turns and share beginning to grow among all of the cutie pies who came to play.


To learn more about Green Piñata’s Toy Share and mission, please visit

*All participants who came to play were gifted one month free of Green Piñata’s Toy Share!


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