Some may say the baby itself is the all present you need. But let’s face it, after 9 long months of pregnancy, you know you deserve an extra special gift that’s really just for you. You’ve been through a lot and it’s nice for your husband to show just how important and loved you are, and how appreciative he is. Only problem is, husbands often don’t know exactly what to get for even the most common gift-giving occasions, so how do you know he’ll make the right choice for something like a push present, which he may never even have heard of before? Here are some local options you can steer him toward that don’t even require leaving the south end to find:

One of the most common push presents is a nice little piece of jewelry you can wear forever in honor of your new little one. It’s a perfect push present because it is a gift for you, as a beautiful new accessory, but it also is sentimental and can be perfectly personalized to your baby, either through engraving or adding birthstones. We love the Cabochon Charm Necklace from M. Flynn, which is a petite gold charm with a birthstone gem in the center. The best part is you can add to it if you have another baby, or even add your own birthstone and that of your partner later on if you want to wear your whole family around your neck. Each charm sells for $290 (chain sold separately). It’s small enough that it won’t get in the way while you play with baby, but will add a little extra sparkle to your day and make you feel put together every time you put it on.

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The ultimate push present for a new mama is a complete pampering. Now that you can see your toes again but are so busy taking care of a tiny human all day long, you can hardly even find a minute to brush your hair. When you do have the opportunity to pamper your body, you will need it. You’ll also be more aware of all the ingredients you put in and on your body now that you’re responsible for a brand new person who is always snuggling up against you, you may appreciate using non-toxic products on your body. A personalized basket of bath products from Follain is a great gift. Put together a luxurious bath with Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath Salts ($18), gorgeous Rica Bath Bon Bons in Lavender Rose ($36), add in an Organic Bath Co. Peacefull Body Butter ($29) for after the bath, and throw in a Zoe Organics Nipple Balm ($18) if you’re going to be nursing or pumping! You’ll come out of your pamper zone feeling like yourself again and ready to take on another night of very little sleep. If you’re not interested in doing the pampering yourself, then an afternoon at the spa might be the perfect alternative. A massage and facial at etant spa on Tremont Street is your best bet if you want someone else to do all the work.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 3.27.43 PMFor the practical mama, the most useful push present might be a house cleaning service. You are used to doing it all yourself, but when you throw a baby into the mix, it’s much harder to find the time. Leave it to a local cleaning company that uses eco-friendly products, like Metro Maids or Spotless New England. They use products you can feel good about having in your home, and there’s nothing better than taking baby out for a walk and coming back to a sparkling clean home. A gift card that covers the cost of a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is the push present that keeps on giving and allows you to feel like a supermom and have more time to get out and do fun things with your baby!

New moms at Little Lovage Club

Our last push present suggestion is one that may have the most lasting impact on your life as a mama. A class registration to a New Moms Group at Little Lovage Club is the best way to get out of the house and meet other new moms in the neighborhood with babies the same age as yours. This is where you’ll learn tips, tricks and activities for your baby, form lasting friendships and meet your ‘mom group’ that will take you through your child’s babyhood and beyond. Finding your mom tribe is absolutely priceless, and probably the single most meaningful push present you could get.

Of course the baby itself is the ultimate gift, and a push present isn’t a necessity. But whether you go the sentimental bauble, luxurious pampering, or practical route, all the ideas here will help you feeling like the best version of yourself as you make your way into motherhood– and really that’s the best thing you partner could ever give you.


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