One of our favorite things to do on a long summer day is get outside for a picnic. Whether you’re home all day with your littles and can get out for a lunchtime picnic in the park, or want to mix up your dinner routine by getting out together as a family after work, there are some great options right in the south end for gathering and putting together a quick and easy picnic meal. To add an extra element of fun, consider taking your picnic to some of these outdoor family events taking place this summer. Here’s what to pack:

For your main dish- great for lunch or dinner- order a pizza for pickup from Picco on Tremont Street before you’re ready to leave the house. For a perfect summer picnic, all you need is a great Margherita pizza, but if you feel like a little more pizzazz go for the Prosciutto, Vidalia Onion & Asparagus, or even build your own. Best part? You can grab a pint of their homemade ice cream for dessert while you’re there picking up the pizza (as long as you aren’t traveling far for the picnic and will be eating soon)!

Hop over to Formagio Kitchen on Shawmut Avenue for a freshly made prepared salad and side dish. They make an assortment of ready-to-eat dishes each day with ingredients from local farms. You’re sure to find a side that you can pack to make your family happy, like a watermelon salad or mac & cheese.

Lastly, stop by the Siena Farms Farmstore on Waltham Street to pick up some super fresh local veggies. You can’t really know what they’ll have beforehand, because it depends on what they have available that day out of the farm, but there’s always some kind of delicious fresh veggie. Pack your own peeler or paring knife and grab carrots, tomatoes or sweet peas and cut or peel them as needed when you’re at your picnic site.

If you have enough time beforehand, bring the kids around to pick up all the goodies and build your basket as you go, with the last stop being the park. Or, stop by and grab the sides on your way home from work and just swing by Picco with the family to get the pizza hot and fresh on the way to your picnic spot. Voila- easy weeknight south end picnic.

Our favorite picnic success secret? Throw some bubbles and sidewalk chalk in the basket too, in case the kids finish eating before you do. Those two items should buy you enough time to have a leisurely meal and not feel rushed, and will provide some entertainment you all can take part in after the meal while you finish soaking in the summer night.


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