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Since becoming a mom my idea of a perfect night out with friends has changed drastically. In fact, the best kind of ‘night out with friends’ has become a night in. And between busy days at work, getting my family settled in for the evening, and making sure everything is running smoothly in my home, when it comes time to relax with friends I don’t have any extra time or energy to do anything fancy. Luckily, mom friends tend to understand the need for simplicity and are pretty easy to please, as long as the night includes some prime adult interaction time, no children, and really good snacks. Oh, and wine. This is why I have perfected the art of a shamelessly simple Moms Night In, that requires almost no effort on my part but guarantees a really fun time with minimal prep. Every single thing I can do to simplify the evening helps make it possible, but it is a total bonus when my easy get-together actually does come together feeling a little fancy. Here are my three tricks for a perfect Moms Night In.

Upper Glass Moms Night In ||

The first and most important part of a successful moms night in is good wine. I don’t know about you, but since becoming a mom I haven’t had any time at all to explore new wines. I mean, in the last few years I haven’t even had time to do more than run in and out of the store to grab the first bottle I see. And even that is a hassle. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had wine in the house and I don’t have a single bottle, because I just haven’t made it to the liquor store. (This is one thing that I really have found exasperating since moving to Boston– the fact that they can’t sell wine in the regular grocery store and it always has to be a separate trip). Enter, Upper Glass. Upper Glass is a game-changer when it comes to actually having good wine on hand. Not only do they deliver four bottles of wine straight to your door each month, but each box of four wines is carefully curated by a top sommelier from the hottest restaurants in Boston. You get easy access to wine, and the ability to try really good wines without having to know how to pick them out. Talk about impressing your friends with literally no effort!

Upper Glass Moms Night In ||

Once you have the wine ready to go (without having to lift a finger) you just need some snacks. My favorite thing to do is grab a couple of cheeses and make a super simple cheese board. Trader Joes has such a great variety of cheeses that if I’m nearby that’s always my first choice, but you can run into whatever grocery store is easiest. Just choose three or four different types of cheese, a cracker or bread, and some olives or pickles, and whatever else you like. You literally just have to throw it all on a cutting board right before your friends come over and you’re good to go. Pop open a bottle of red and a bottle of white so everyone can have their choice, and I don’t know any mom that wouldn’t be happy to spend a night at your house.

The last component I’ve found necessary for a successful moms night in is good music. You want something that will keep the energy up and be a good background to the conversation, but not anything too crazy where you won’t be able to hear each other. After all, it’s not every night you get uninterrupted hours for girl talk, so you need to take advantage of it but still have something upbeat playing. Check out this playlist for the perfect moms night in music so you can just press play once and not have to interrupt your conversation to change the tunes for the rest of the night.

Upper Glass Moms Night In ||

Upper Glass is definitely the best trick I have found so far to make get togethers easy and successful. In addition to moms night in, it’s also perfect for dinner parties, date night at home, and of course the holidays. Nothing’s better than not having to think about picking a wine for Thanksgiving, and instead, having perfect choices that you can feel confident serving since they were selected by a top sommelier!

The November wines by Upper Glass have been selected by Jen Fields, the Wine Director at Waypoint in Cambridge, recently named one of America’s top 100 wine restaurants by Wine Enthusiast and one of the 207 Best Restaurants in the World by Conde Nast Traveler. She has picked four exceptional, yet affordable classic pairings that the whole family will love. As an added benefit, each box sold feeds a family of four on Thanksgiving. Upper Glass is donating 20% of the proceeds to the Greater Boston Food Bank to help feed our neighbors in need, because everyone deserves Thanksgiving. Sign up to receive the November box on the Upper Glass website.

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