My local mom friends and I often reminisce about the days when our little ones were only 2-3 months old and we would go and have lunch and a glass of wine while they slept happily in their car seats. Of course, at the time, we were sleep-deprived, out-of-our-depth and going through the emotional rollercoaster that is the only way to describe the first few months with a newborn baby. I’m also not sure I can remember a time when all the babies were quiet at the same time – I’m sure we were up and down nursing, changing diapers, or replacing pacifiers. Oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

The important thing is that we were able to go through these experiences together. Even now, with restless, energetic and noisy toddlers, going out for lunch or dinner with other Moms is much better than going it alone, after all, there really is truth in the phrase ‘solidarity in numbers.’

We’re really lucky to have some great restaurants in the South End that go out of their way to welcome families. Here are five local options where you can go with your Mom tribe and feel comfortable no matter what (well almost) your kids get up to.


Stephi’s: 571 Tremont Street, 02118

Great for: ✔Lunch ✔Early dinner ✔Weekend brunch  

Stephi’s is always very welcoming to Moms and their kids. They have a number of high chairs and a separate kids menu. If there’s a group of you, there is a room at the back of the restaurant, which seats up to 14 people, although remember to allow room for your strollers! This is a great space for you and your Mom friends to meet up, just phone ahead to reserve it. There’s also outdoor seating in the summer months, which you can enjoy with your little ones. The only downside is that there aren’t any baby changing facilities in the restrooms. As a special offer for South End Moms readers, Stephi’s would like to offer you a free appetiser or dessert on your next visit. To redeem this offer, please mention ‘South End Moms Summer Special.’ Offer runs through September 30th 2017.


The Gallows: 1395 Washington Street, 02116

Great for: ✔Lunch ✔Early dinner ✔Weekend brunch  

The Gallows is a great spot to go with your little ones. Check it out for lunch, dinner, weekend brunch, or even ‘brinner’ (full brunch menu served every Monday from 4pm). They have high chairs and there are baby changing facilities in the male and female bathrooms. You can also check out the sister restaurant Banyan Bar & Refuge (553 Tremont Street, 02116), which serves modern asian cuisine and has a beautiful patio that is a great for summer evening outings. As a special offer for South End Moms readers, The Gallows is pleased to offer you a free ‘Moms Mocktail’ on your next visit. Choose from a selection of three Mocktails, all made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. To redeem this offer, please mention ‘South End Moms.’ Offer runs through August 31st 2017.


Five Horses Tavern: 535 Columbus Avenue, 02118

Great for: ✔Lunch ✔Early dinner ✔Weekend brunch  

This restaurant has plenty of space to accommodate Moms and their little ones. There are a number of high chairs available and the restrooms have baby changing facilities. Although, there isn’t a menu specifically for kids, there are plenty of appetiser options on the menu that will appeal to a small person’s pallet – plus the staff will often go out of their way to help you adapt menu items to suit your needs.


Picco: 513 Tremont Street, 02116

Great for: ✔Lunch ✔Early dinner

I don’t know many kids that don’t LOVE pizza so Picco is a great place to go with your Mom tribe. Although small, the staff are really relaxed about having kids and they have a number of high chairs to squeeze in around the tables. Just remember that, given its size, this restaurant fills up fast, so you might need to factor in some wait time if you’re going at peak lunch or dinner times. There are no baby changing facilities in the bathrooms but they’re big so there’s plenty of space to wheel in a stroller and do a change.


Barcelona Wine Bar: 525 Tremont Street, 02116

Great for: ✔Early dinner ✔ Weekend Brunch

The name of this place does not sound like it would be ‘family friendly’ but we’ve been here quite a few times with our kids for weekend brunch or an early dinner, and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly. They have high chairs, baby changing facilities in the bathrooms, and there are plenty of menu options that will appeal to your little ones.

There’s no excuse to stay home – check out these restaurants with your fellow Moms this summer. You never know, your little ones may get a taste for table manners and polite conversation…


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