NOM NOM. Chocolate chip cookies and cold milk is a classic combination to please all, including the guests of Musa’s first birthday party! This adorable and energetic one year old celebrated his special day in the company of friends and family alike. He came dressed to impress with shorts and socks matching the blue and red decorations and a polka dot shirt to resemble the cookies. With Cookie Crisp in mason jars, chocolate cupcakes and an assortment of chocolate chip and rainbow chip cookies, cravings were satisfied and tummies were full! And of course this kid’s birthday party wouldn’t be complete without a Cookie Monster cake! Guests left with adorable Cookie Monster masks and a bubble wand, and Musa with a ton of presents!  











Parent Testimonial:  “Musa had a total blast, as you could tell yourself (it was as though he knew it was his birthday, but really he just loves people, haha), and that is what matters! I enjoyed working with you immensely, and loved the way the festive, creative decor was set up, as well as the toys. I think I didn’t know what to do without party stress, since that is usually my experience with shindigs. I really enjoyed the entire experience, and am ready to book for future birthdays, as well as join some classes!”

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