Whether a new parent or parent on-the-go, the South End Moms Blog has found just the thing to make dinner time easier! Check out The Foodery, Boston’s locally prepared, ready-to-eat, healthy meal service delivered right to your door.

SEMB: Hi Mike! We are so excited to introduce you and your business, The Foodery, to our readers. Tell us a little about yourself.

Mike: I’m one of two co-founders of The Foodery.  My co-founding partner and best friend is John Bauer.  I’m originally from Rhode Island, and John’s from Colorado.  We met nearly 20 years ago while attending college in Colorado.  

SEMB: What is The Foodery?

Mike: The Foodery crafts nourishing, ready-to-eat dinners and delivers them to families all over Boston.  What makes us unique is our emphasis on ingredient quality and focus on supporting the local agriculture, not to mention that our foods are as healthy as they are flavorful!  Also keep in mind that our meals are fully-cooked as opposed to meal kits which need prep.

SEMB: No cooking? We are in! Can you briefly outline your ingredient standards for us?

Mike: We emphasize a combination of organic, local and sustainable ingredients in crafting our foods and certain delicate ingredients are always organic such as herbs and spices.  All proteins are antibiotic and hormone-free, and all ground beef is grass fed – we also have a strict non-GMO policy.

A critical part of our mission is to support the growth of local agriculture, so we’re always seeking to use as much local product as possible.  We’re currently support approximately 15 farms in the local community – which we consider New England and stretches to New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Lastly, we have a “banned ingredients list” of things you’ll never find in our foods such as high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, artificial colors and more.

SEMB: How do you come up with the menu?

Mike: Variety is a key part of The Foodery experience!  Each week we offer an eclectic mix of menu items that include Italian, Americana, TexMex, Asian, Indian and more.  New items are offered every week, and we find inspiration from the local and national food scene and of course from our amazing customers.

SEMB: What about food allergies?

Mike: We are mindful of labeling all allergens and offering a menu that’s conscious of allergens – for example, each week we typically provide dairy-free and gluten-free choices.

SEMB: How do I order? Is there a cutoff time?

Mike: Currently, orders must be placed online by 10am Thursday for Sunday night delivery.  We have a firm cutoff, but we make the extra effort to remind our customers via email and text. 

Psssst…The Foodery is very kindly offering our SEMs a 20% off coupon for their first order! Use code LLCeatWell2016 at checkout, good through 12/31. What a great gift for a new mom!


Contact Information:

The Foodery

28 Damrell Street

Boston, MA 02127

(617) 207-4080




Monday-Sunday 9:00am-7:00pm

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