If you ask any parent, they’ll tell you an item or two that saved them the first couple of months into parenthood. Running New Moms Classes here at Lovage, we get the pleasure of meeting tons of first time mamas, many of whom have shared their favorites with us!  Here is a round up of Lovage’s New Parent Survival Kit:

Rock and Play — for napping.  Cozied up in this easy and inclined rocker, baby feels cocooned which makes for great napping.  Bonus: its lightweight frame and fool-proof open/close mechanism lends easily to travel or movement from room-to-room.

Miracle Blanket — for those of us who are not-so-confident swaddlers.  This blanket is a must for longer stretches of nighttime sleep.

Yoga Ball — for soothing, helping baby to sleep, and calming babies while in a car seat (yes you can put the car seat right on the ball, while holding it of course)

Dude to Dad — our go-to gift for first time fathers.

Sound Machine — most of us live in smaller apartments in the city, so this is a great way to avoid tip-toeing around your apartment during nap or bedtime, and keeping those city noises to the streets.

Extra freezer — even if it’s a dorm size freezer, an extra one will come in handy for anyone pumping and saving breastmilk. New families often lack freezer space especially those who stock up on frozen foods pre-baby.

New Parent Groups – Finding other parents going through the same transitions at the same time you are is key.  It helps for talking out solutions, is the perfect place to share trials and tribulations, and can be a wonderful way of beginning lifelong friendships (not just for your little one!).


Lactation Consultant/Lovage’s Breastfeeding Hotline – Many find breastfeeding much harder than they anticipated, despite all that research they did before baby. Having someone “on speed dial” to make sure breastfeeding is smooth sailing can be a huge help. We recommend Melanie Venuti at MV Breastfeeding. She’s a mama to two little boys and is a breastfeeding guru! If you have a quick infant feeding question, feel free to reach Melanie on Little Lovage Club’s free infant feeding hotline at (857) 400-0897.

Babysitter — for date nights, work commitments, or a bit of simple “me time,” this is a must! We’ve loved working with and recommending reliable sitters at Sensible Sitters.

Online Resources — there are a billion online resources for new moms and it can get pretty overwhelming. We love to support local companies, and one of our new favorites is Tinyhood.  A parenting forum app separated by neighborhoods in Boston, you join only the neighborhoods that make sense for you (whether you live there, work in a close by area, or tend to love a specific park nearby), making it easy to connect with families who also frequent those neighborhoods. This can be very helpful, especially when looking for things to keep yourself and baby entertained throughout the day.

Glass of wine/rose/bubbly we highly recommend a toast to yourself from local wine emporium, The Urban Grape, for making it through the end of each day (and really, shouldn’t this be Number 1?).

What is your favorite new parent survival item?

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