I was pregnant for almost FOURTY TWO weeks (insert eye roll emoji). I took my last fitness class of the pregnancy at 41 weeks. Taking pregnancy week by week and being willing to adapt to my changing physical and mental needs made this possible. Here’s how fitness found its way into my three trimesters!

First Trimester Fitness Goal: Fight the Nausea

When I was six weeks pregnant the all-day sickness hit me. I am not sure why it is called morning sickness, because for me it lasted throughout the day, well into the evening and was tough to handle. Along with this new nausea came a sudden aversion to salads, Greek yogurt, oatmeal and most of my go-to healthy foods. Sweet potato fries from B.Good were my lunchtime “veggie” and delivery from Picco, my favorite local pizza place, was dinner on the regular!

How was I ever going to avoid an unhealthy weight gain and stay sane during this pregnancy? By staying fit!

Luckily for me, part of my job is to take fitness classes. I had to spin—even when I wasn’t feeling well during the first weeks of pregnancy. Of course, everyone is different, but for me I found that sticking with my regular workout routine was key to helping me feel my best during the difficult first trimester. My fitness routine included getting cardio in at Recycle, jogs around the river and staying toned with Megaformer classes at Btone. This combo kept me sane and really helped quell the sickness which led to a better tolerance of healthy meals.

Mamma-to-Be Modifications: I was riding regularly before I got pregnant so I simply took it a little easier on myself and remembered to be extra aware of hydration. No major changes! If you are thinking about having a baby I suggest getting into shape while you wait for that positive test. This way when you are pregnant you’ll be able to keep it up. Pregnancy isn’t a time to take on new exercise routines.

Second Trimester Fitness Goal: Stay Motivated

Once I hit the second trimester my issue was exhaustion. I needed to sleep a little later and skip the morning workouts.

Once I was getting a little extra sleep I knew I was going to be fighting laziness masked as exhaustion so my workouts had to be scheduled. I was signing up for classes in advance so I was committed to a time and place. I found that by doing this I would make it happen and always be better for it. If I hadn’t signed up for a class, my goal was a 30-minute jog or to complete a daily total of 10,000 steps.

Mamma-To-Be Modifications: As I entered my second trimester there were some modifications that needed to happen during a class. By then the cat was out of the bag so I would just make mention of my pregnancy to the instructor. At Btone the most important thing was not to lie on my back but there are plenty of options to avoid this and I was still able to get a great workout. At Recycle, my growing belly was starting to get in the way so I simply propped my handlebars up a notch higher and was good to ride. I also hydrated like a fool and continued to listen to my body so I would avoid pushing myself too hard.

Third Trimester Fitness Goal: Stay Strong

In the third trimester my growing belly became a bit of a barrier and could have easily been an excuse to just chill out. However, I was getting closer and closer to the workout of my life: LABOR. It was good motivation and I really wanted to stay in shape. At 32 weeks I realized my runs were being paced by my 12-pound Cavalier King Charles so I decided that power walks were a more realistic option. I would use those power walks to keep up my 10,000 step goal on days I wasn’t otherwise working out.

Spinning helped me sweat and the two-pound hand weights used at Recycle left me feeling toned.

Mamma-To-Be Modifications: I made sure to drink lots of water. My handlebars needed to be raised a full two notches higher than usual to keep my back and belly from bothering me. Once I made that adjustment and threw my 32 oz. O Water on the bike, I could go an entire 45 minutes and feel like I had accomplished my goal to stay strong—physically and mentally.

I think pregnancy is a time to be especially kind to yourself which to me included a regular fitness routine. Happy mind, happy body, happy baby!

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