Halloween is just around the corner, and whether you’re the type of mom that had a costume picked out for your child weeks ago, or you’re the type who hasn’t even really contemplated what they could dress up as yet, one thing’s for sure: as soon as Halloween actually rolls around your kid is going to want to be something other than what you have prepared! And, if your child is too young to even really know or care what they want to be, you’ll probably get the costume on for five minutes and then they’re going to want to remove the hat because it bothers them or they’ll have an explosion in the pants. It can feel like a waste to buy or spend a lot of time preparing a whole costume that they’ll probably never even wear out of the house.

So, here are some easy toddler Halloween costumes that you won’t have to buy, and are super simple to put together so there’s no pressure at all. We understand that not everyone is a crafty mom or has a lot of time to think about things like this, so we’ve pulled together a few options that don’t require much at all but will be exciting for your kid, and best of all, they can all be done the night before with things you have at home– plus a bottle of spray paint. In fact, make your life easier and just order the paint right now so you’ll have it in time just in case!

Most kids love legos and would think it would be so cool to be a lego. And? It’s easy! All you need is a box, some cupcake papers or small plastic cups, and some spray paint. Cut armholes and a head hole in a cardboard box your child will fit inside of. Glue cupcake papers or small cups to the front of the box. You can do one, two, three or four cups, depending on how much time you want to spend on this costume, and the size of your kid/shape of the box to make it look like a Lego piece. Then spray paint the whole thing and let dry.

This one’s a classic, but it’s for good reason. We probably all thought as children that a ghost was the quintessential Halloween costume because ghosts are so representative of All Hallows Eve, but then we grew up and realized it’s because all mom has to do to prepare this one is poke some holes in a sheet. Make it less dangerous and even cuter by making it a whole head hole so you can pull it all the way down over the head, and then cutting off a strip of fabric from the bottom to wrap around the head as a hat or headband. If you want to really go for it, draw a face on the body of the sheet with a black marker.

Scuba Diver
This one is very cute and pretty unique. It only requires two empty soda bottles, paint and a real pair of goggles. Spray paint the bottles and glue or tape them together with electrical tape to look like an air tank. If you want to get fancy you can attach strings to the top and bottom of the side of each one to make it like a backpack your child can take on and off, otherwise glue them directly onto a black shirt. Dress your child in a plain black shirt and pants and put goggles with attached snorkle on their head. Done. There are some more details you could do if you want, to make the air tank look more realistic or including some felt cutouts to wear over the shoes to look like flippers, but honestly, they aren’t that important and probably not worth your time. You put on those air tanks and goggles and people will know your child is a scuba diver.

This one is especially good for a smaller baby, who won’t necessarily go for any extra pieces and parts and really just needs comfort above all. Use a plain white onesie, or shirt, and cut out some random black pieces of fabric or from an old shirt to glue on. Then, take the nipples of four bottles that you don’t need anymore, and glue them on to the front. Voila, that’s obviously a cow! And so cute.

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