Before the arrival of my second baby boy, I thought I had this Momin’ thing in the (diaper) bag, but boy did I learn the hard way in the first several weeks, ok fine – months, that I needed a little work. With moments like bringing my infant into his doctor’s office in just a … Read More

I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times I get asked the question- “so, was it SO crazy going from two to three kids?!” I usually give a slight laugh and then will quickly respond with the same sentence every time. “Actually, going from one to two was so much more of a … Read More

With the short days and freezing temperatures, it’s easy to feel the February blues. But, having a tidy home can actually cheer us up and make us feel happier and more comfortable. Seeing clutter in your home has a negative effect on your brain and emotional well being. It makes us feel tired just looking at it. Being … Read More

Nearly all breastfeeding mothers worry about their milk supply and whether or not their baby is getting enough. Statistics tells us that one of the main reasons for early weaning is a mother’s fear of insufficient supply. It is very rare for a mother to not be able to produce milk for her baby at … Read More

Breastfeeding CAN hurt…but it shouldn’t At the beginning, when you and your baby are learning to breastfeed, it can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. This is when you want to ask for help. When breastfeeding is painful, it typically means that something isn’t right with positioning, latch, engorgement – or even sometimes water retention or swelling. … Read More

If you ask any parent, they’ll tell you an item or two that saved them the first couple of months into parenthood. Running New Moms Classes here at Lovage, we get the pleasure of meeting tons of first time mamas, many of whom have shared their favorites with us!  Here is a round up of … Read More

Every week at Little Lovage Club, we open our doors to moms and their infant babies, providing a warm, welcoming space for them and their little ones.  We strive to create an environment where new moms can seek consistent, strong advice; meet other women who have recently experienced the same life-changing event, and gain confidence in all things motherhood and … Read More