Having been a new Mom myself (three times now) I will be the first one to try out a new swaddle or sleep option if it might buy me even the tiniest bit of additional sleep. When I heard about the company Nested Bean, I knew it was something exciting.

One of the natural reactions when you place your baby down to sleep is to place your hands on his/her chest and tummy to give a “weighted feel” until they settle. They love the feeling of something close to them and we all know that we can’t always be wearing them or holding them while they sleep all the time (a shower and cup of hot coffee is necessary once in awhile!) Nested Bean has lightly weighted pads on the chest and sides mimicking your touch. As a Mom myself, I know the amazing benefits of swaddling that are key from birth.

Nested Bean offers different solutions as your baby transitions from one stage to the next. The Zen swaddle is for ages 0-6 months offering two options for swaddling (arms in or arms out).


The Zen sack is the perfect next step when your baby still needs some extra comfort but is ready to transition out of the swaddle. The sack can be worn front or backward to allow the weighted pads to be on the chest (when your baby is still learning to roll) or can be worn with the weighted pads on his back so that he can comfortably sleep on his tummy.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a wonderful sleeper in my youngest daughter, but I have no doubt she loves wearing her Zen sack. It keeps an already good sleeper extra well rested, which means I am also able to rest!

Nested Bean is offering 10% off orders for all South End Moms. Use code SOUTHEND10 on their website.

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